Operational Advice: Diamond Blades

  1. Check blade is suitable for the material being cut.
  2. Check blade shaft is not grooved or damaged.
  3. Check blade fits tightly on the shaft.
  4. Check blade shaft and wheel bearings are in good condition.
  5. Check clamp plates are not damaged, dirty or of unequal diameters.
  6. Ensure drive pin is used if fitted to the machine.
  7. When mounting a part worn blade, check that it is in good condition, free from cracks and that the bore hole is not out of round.
  8. Check that the blade is mounted correctly for the direction of cut.
  9. If the blade slows excessively whilst in use, re-dress in abrasive materials. DO NOT FORCE THE BLADE, as this may result in damage to the blade or machine.
  10. Do not allow excessive heat to be generated on the blade. When dry cutting, remove the blade occasionally from the cut to allow it to cool.
  11. Check the blade is operating at the correct speed (see chart below).
  12. If wet cutting, ensure an adequate supply of water to both sides of the blade (see chart below).