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ZENESIS is the most technically advanced process of diamond segment production, with the individual particles of diamond grit being strategically placed within the segment matrix. This process not only ensures an even distribution of diamonds, but also enables pre-determined diamond patterns to be created, depending on the required applications. In essence this means the optimum quantity of diamond is always in contact with the material being cut, drilled, ground etc., resulting in superior speed and quality of operation, dramatically increased tool life, and substantial cost savings.

Conventional random diamond segments are formed from alloy powder and diamond grit, which are mechanically agitated to distribute the diamonds. This method of manufacture only allows for a random mix of the diamond particles within the segment matrix and therefore clustering occurs. This means that within the segment there will be some areas that contain a higher concentration of diamond than others.

Since 2006 we have been working on the development of specific ranges of ZENESIS products that are not only unique to Applied Diamond, but more importantly, are providing our customers with unrivalled performance. As the ZENESIS name implies this is only the beginning; new and exciting products are under constant development, and we will keep you informed as ZENESIS evolves.

We currently hold stock of the following ZENESIS ranges

Floor Saw Blades.

Wall/Track Saw Blades.

Diamond Wire.

Portable Dry Cutting Blades.

Portable Wet Cutting Blades.

Dry Diamond Core Bits.

Wet Diamond Core Bits.

Stone Cutting Blades.